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21 Things I Want To Achieve In 2021

I like to try to set myself some goals for each year, not quite new year resolutions but things to complete or do. Last year was trying to read more but that went out the window when lockdown happened due to no time to myself and homeschooling. I thought I would try again this year with 21 things to do this year. I have allowed for months of lockdowns, social distancing and lack of travelling with this list, most of my travelling wishes are on my 30 before 30 list. I am hoping with this list being more home based there is a chance that I will complete more.

  1. Work on stabilising my mental health
  2. Finish my garden so Ethan and I can spend the summer in it
  3. Finish decorating the house – especially Ethan’s room
  4. Go on more walks daily even when raining
  5. Work towards getting 500 followers on Youtube. (203 currently)
  6. Save £1000 by the end of 2021 and Stop Dipping Into It!!
  7. Learn to cook now you have mastered baking
  8. Keep writing on the blog – 7 years this year.
  9. Watch the Die Hard Films
  10. Keep writing to your penpals
  11. Save and get myself a good camera for my vlogging
  12. Be more present – less phone time during family time
  13. Read more instead of sitting on my phone
  14. See more of my friends when allowed
  15. Get back into my crafting and sewing
  16. Raise money for Petals Charity – Goal £100-£500
  17. Get my shoulder tattoo and Patrick
  18. Be more aware of my drinking and how it makes me feel
  19. Be more adventurous with food
  20. Listen to more music
  21. Be myself and don’t let anyone make me feel bad for being me

Considering the curve balls 2020 gave us I feel like I really thought about my goals and I have chosen things that I really want to work on and achieve. It would of been really easy to fill all 21 with travel destinations but that isn’t going to happen so I know that in a years time when I look back at these and cross them off I will be happy with myself.

I want to spend all of 2021 with a smile on my face just like the photo I used for this post.


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