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24-25 Week Pregnancy Update

I had planned to do a load of blog posts during my pregnancy – mainly for me rather than anyone else but in all honesty I haven’t had any energy or time to even open the laptop. I turned 24 weeks yesterday (9.6.21) and today I feel like I have a little energy so that is a bonus. How long this energy will last is anyone’s guess – I give it to 1pm.

The hot weather though I am going to say is making being pregnant a lot harder than I expected as I didn’t really experience this with Ethan as he was due in December (obviously born in November). The heat brings its own issues as it affects sleep, makes doing a lot of walking near on impossible and it seems to bring on Braxton Hicks in my case too as I am not drinking enough liquids.

Also what on earth do you wear when you feel like the size of a house?!

Anyway enough negatives, I am starting to feel a lot more movements and they are getting stronger which is awesome as obviously that is my main worry as Ethan was born early due to lack of movements. I just can’t wait for everyone else to be able to feel them too as it just feels so surreal but I am kinda enjoying it being our little thing for now. He loves to kick to music, the voice of Nerdecrafter on Youtube and Ethan’s voice.

I have purchased everything for my hospital bag apart from a new phone cable and it all just needs to go into the correct bags and I will obviously check it a million times between now and then but I plan to have the final checks at around 30/32 weeks. I didn’t have my hospital bag packed with Ethan when he was born at 32 weeks so this time I have to be organised to avoid stress.

Hayfever is also kicking my arse this pregnancy as it is so strong but obviously being pregnant I can’t take anything so that is extremely annoying. I am pretty sure everyone just keeps thinking “here she goes again” as I am sneezing about 10 times every 30 minutes, I am more regular than big ben with my sneezing right now.

We ventured down to Southampton last weekend with my partners middle boy which was lovely and warm and in all honesty we weren’t ready to come home from our little mini break. We had hoped to get away again before bubba is here but we have decided that we are probably going to have to just do days out so we are grateful we got away at all. It was really nice for a change of scenery and some fresh sea air – it is probably the first time I slept properly in weeks.

I am now gearing myself up for my maternity leave which starts this month as I have been ordered to rest up by my midwife and consultant. After that I don’t have to wait long to be seen as my next midwife appointment is at 26 weeks and then from 29 weeks onwards I have scans or appointments pretty much every week to make sure this baby cooks to 40 weeks. My friends reckon he will be here at around 37-38 weeks and I think 35-36 weeks what do you reckon? The consultant thinks we will manage full term so its quite a jump in our guesses.

What is your favourite part of pregnancy?

I don’t think I have one but I do like my body shape and figure the most when I am pregnant so maybe it is that. The fatigue is too much for me though so I really do hope for more energy soon.

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