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30 Before 30 List

First of all how do I turn 26 this year and how am I 30 in 4 years time?

I started thinking of 30 things I wanna do before I’m deemed “too old” and you know what it was a lot harder than I thought.

  1. Be more confident
  2. Visit Wales
  3. Visit Italy
  4. Visit Paris and climb the Eiffel tower
  5. Go ice skating at Somerset House in London
  6. Get Married
  7. Have 2 More Kids
  8. Learn to cook
  9. Work On My Mental Health
  10. Read More
  11. do the 02 walk
  12. Learn A New Skill
  13. Go see the Northern Lights
  14. Go to Poland and Do the Culture Tour
  15. Take Ethan to Legoland
  16. Get 5000 Subscribers on youtube
  17. Go to Scotland
  18. Try Snowboarding
  19. Go to Iceland
  20. Go to a Harry Potter Cocktail Making Class
  21. do the tottenham tour / sky walk with nick
  22. Get my nose pierced
  23. Go To The West End For A Show
  24. Work On My Family Tree
  25. Finish university / decide what to about university
  26. New Tattoos
  27. Go to Butlins
  28. Go to the Globe in London
  29. Feed the red pandas
  30. Be a passenger in a Rickshaw / Pedicab in London

To many it might seem like a silly list but I’m pretty happy with it and who knows if I’ll do them all but I’ll give it a go! Here to dirty 30’s coming soon.

Have you got any 30 Before 30’s you want to do?

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  1. mydreamality says:

    Great list! I’ve done about 8 of them and I’m 35!

  2. what a great list!

  3. I love these lists! Good luck with all of them x

  4. Lovely list! I’m thinking about mine and I’m 30 on a month 😂
    Get in touch when you’re planning to visit Scotland and I’ll give you pointers or best things to do/see (according to me lol)

    1. That would be lovely for some tips!

  5. I love these lists! I have my own and I, too, want to master a different language (Spanish), get more tattoos and read 100 more books (I’ve read 32 already and still have 6 years to complete my list!).

    Rachel ||

  6. […] I would love to go and see a play here and never done it so it’s made my list. It made my 30 before 30 list too so it means I will do it but I have to make sure the play is something I want to watch and not […]

  7. kattieh says:

    This is such a great list. I’d love to see the Northern Lights too – they are at the top of my list! I really want to climb the Eiffel Tower as well – I’ve been to Paris, but I skipped on going to the top of the tower! I’m 30 in two years…I have no idea how that happened because the last thing I remember I turned 21 😀

  8. Great list. I need to do this myself, although it would have to be 40 before 40 since I’m a bit past the 30 mark now.

    1. You get an extra 10 things to do! Not all bad eh

  9. Emma says:

    Wow! What great places/things to do in the next 4 years… I reckon a lot of them are achieveable for you 🙂 good luck!

    Emma |

  10. […] turned 25 in the June of 2018 and I got my letter for my Smear around six months before. Everyone is talking […]

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