If you’ve been living in your home for a while, then this week is the week to do general maintenance for your home. If you aren’t careful then the clogged gutters turn into water issues, chipped paint can lead to rotting wood, and it could end up hurting your resale value or cost you more in the long run. You need to keep an eye out for the little issues before they turn into bigger problems. Below are a few basic tips that can make a huge difference in the long run.

Does Your Doorbell Work?

A super simple thing to check is your doorbell system when you move in. Do you need a Ring doorbell system or just a standard bell? The crime stats will give you the answers and also what other neighbours are using. This small detail makes such a difference if you are away a lot, living alone, waiting on a package or just the feeling of safety that can make your house feel like a safe place to call home. If your doorbell isn’t working, then make sure you look online and find a deal for either a wireless or camera doorbell before spending lots of money on a whim. We wouldn’t be without our camera doorbell as it allows us to feel safe and prepared without actually answer the door if we don’t want too.

Clean Out The Exhaust Fans

Do you know the fans in your home help to clean out smells and moisture and are usually found in the bathrooms and kitchens? If you don’t clean these regularly then you can run the risk of growing mold in your home – which is a big no no. Once a year, take the time to remove and clean all of the exhaust fans. This will keep the hardware running smoothly, and the moisture out of your home. If you are in New Jersey and struggling with mold, then check out Nash Everett who will be able to help you further. He specialises in mold removal in Red Bank and is an expert in his field. 

Look At Your Downspouts

Have you looked around the perimeter of your home to check for waste pipes that have been detached from your home? If waste pipes become detached or faulty then water will not get directed away from the home and can lead to water intrusion, foundation issues or flooding. This is a minor fix that won’t take long, it also doesn’t cost a lot and it will save you cash down the road, as well as the foundation of your house and your neighbours (sure they will be grateful).

Maintain Your Roof

I know many homeowners that don’t take care of their roof  and in the long run this  can cause issues and leaks in the roof that will lead to water damage. If you aren’t sure what to look for you will want to look for professionals to help you. You need to make sure that the company you get advice from can provide siding, chimney, shingle, skylight, gutter and chimney repair and that their work is guaranteed for the longer term – this is suggested to be more than 7 years.

Check Your Brickwork / Cladding

Your house exterior should be cleaned twice a year and it will also boost your curb appeal. Whilst cleaning it regularly might feel like a chore it will prolong the life of it and mean you don’t have to pay to get it re-done in the near future. The perfect time to clean your house exterior is during the early spring days and then again in the dry crisp fall. If you don’t have own a pressure washer, then you can rent them from the local warehouse stores such as Homebase or Wickes. You should get it done in an afternoon if no distractions and good weather, but maximum time should be a weekend. Choose your nozzle wisely because too much pressure can lead to damage or even crumble the exterior of your home.

Remove Lint From Your Tumble Dryer

You need to clean out the dryer vent and not just remove the lint from the filter but actually clean out that vent crevice as it is essential. This is done because it will make sure the dryer is running efficiently and it will increase the tumble driers’ lifespan as it won’t be overworking. It is really important as it will keep your dryer from sparking a fire and causing a huge risk to your home, neighbours, and surrounding property.

Home maintenance can seem like such a struggle but once you start it will get easier. Make sure you start small when it comes to your home and go from there, it is as easy as starting with just 1 task each day. Once you’ve finished one task, you’ll learn how to do the other things. If you are ever unsure how to do a job, call a professional to show you the correct way on how to do it. It will save you time and frustration, but it will also save you money in the long run as it will get done correctly the first time.

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