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[AD] Lost on Infinity by Rockford’s Rock Opera – Audible Review

We have been lucky enough to be gifted a copy of Lost On Infinity on Audible to listen too. We have been trying to listen to books or podcasts whilst cooking and eating dinner and this has kept us gripped!

It is a brilliant adventure story suitable for all ages and is honestly a brilliant story for smaller ears or the bigger and older ears amongst us.

Lost on Infinity is the first adventure from Rockford’s Rock Opera and it is a tale about change and extinction within our planet. It is a story about hope and trying to explain and show that even the smallest creatures or humans, can make the biggest difference. 

This is a key point for me especially now a days due to trying to reach people about climate change and how we can help reduce the effects.

Moog who is from Battersea in London, and lives with Rockford his dog are relatable and likeable within the style of the story. They are a character who you not only love but would love to be like. Their adventures sound like all children’s dream days out.

The combination of narration, sound effects, acting and music allows it to remain engaging no matter how times it is played and heard.

The combination of how it’s been created has meant it is great for longer car journeys as I have found with many stories it can drag but this one keeps you engaged throughout.

It appears it’s not only us who loved it as the critics did too with reviews such as:

“This smartly-written, artistically-composed musical story has children as its target but adults as its bulls-eye. Upgrades the basic children’s storybook to the 21st century, without losing the the magic.” (Wiredmagazine)

“An amazing mix of story, songs and sound effects.” (The Times)

We can’t wait to listen to the second part “The King of Nowhere” which is apparently even better than the first but no sure how that can be possible!

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