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10 Tips For A BBQ On A Budget

To help you enjoy summer but without blowing the food budget, I have thought of 10 BBQ on a budget tips for you and your family.

How many can you do to get the ultimate budget BBQ?

Don’t splurge on expensive meats

People are always happy with a hamburger or hot dog at a BBQ, you don’t have to bother with posh steaks or expensive joints. You can stick with one type of meat for extra savings and to make it cheaper offer only the most popular toppings or opt for kebabs to save on the cost of buns and condiments. Also check with guests about dietary requirements to make sure you don’t have too much of one item if half the guests can’t eat it.

Use cheaper veggies and sides to supplement the food

You can get away with buying less meat by offering other options for snacking. If people keep snacking on crisps and dips while the meat’s cooking, they won’t be looking for seconds on the meats. In most supermarkets you can find the yellow label reduced veggies, the wonky ones and the cheaper ones and people won’t notice the difference if they are marinated in a dressing, I suggest an Italian dressing and then cook them on a the BBQ and they will be delicious.

Homemade Sides For A BBQ

Make a potato salad with wonky potatoes or yellow label ones and it will taste just as amazing as the expensive potatoes. Nobody will notice when things are covered in sauces, oils or dressings. You could make a cheap salsa, a guacamole, or a coleslaw at home and it is definitely cheaper than buying LOADS of them at the store. Search the BBC Good Food Website for recipes but 99% of them are super simple.

Ask guests to contribute

Ask your guests to bring something which could be food, drink, or a dessert. Most guests will be happy to contribute as they will just be glad, they aren’t doing the hosting. If you end up with more food than you need, you can send your guests home with a food parcel, or you will at least have leftovers so you can save money during the next week. Key to a bbq on a budget is asking for help and contributions from others and also it makes a good guest.

Turn off the grill as soon as The BBQ is Done

You will save on the gas / charcoal that is helping to heat the BBQ. I would also advise making sure if you can, host everyone outside as those warm nights roll in instead of heating your house and just make sure your guests have access to a couple of blankets in case it gets chilly. It might blow the budget slightly but a couple of lemon candles from the £1 shop to stop your guests being bitten 24.7 wouldn’t go a miss.

Do your shopping at stores like Costco or Similar

When you’re feeding a lot of people or even if you do a lot of BBQ’s and have the freezer space then, those bulk savings can really make a difference. Make the most of offers in the supermarkets too with clubcards, nectar cards and multibuy offers. More meat will mean more bbq’s on a budget in your future which surely is a good thing.

Don’t bother with the paper plates & plastic utensils / cups

Just use what you have, who cares if it is mismatch and also it is better for the environment! If you don’t have enough then ask a fellow guest to bring a couple or ask a neighbour to borrow a couple of plates / cutlery. Better for your wallet, better for the environment, Winners all round. Remember it is a budget bbq don’t spend on unnecessary things.

Check your cupboards to Help the budget

You might have things you can turn into snacks, sides, and condiments that will save you on your trip to the supermarket. Make use of everything you have from crisps to sauces to bottles of fizzy. Not every BBQ requires alcohol so save money on that.

Stick to the cheap drinks

Most people aren’t expecting fancy wine or craft beers at a BBQ. If needed then make a big jug of Pimm’s or get the beer offers. When planning drinks think BUDGET BBQ and then you will stick to the basics and essentials.

Hang on to the FREE condiments

You know the ones, the little ketchup and BBQ packets widely available at all of restaurants *cough* McDonalds. If you already have loads of those then you can skip buying condiments at the store. Everyone has a perfect little size sauce for their needs. It also helps with the clean up as there is no messy bottles to wipe up.

This is your key to a budget BBQ Now ENJOY

These are my little tips to help you get through BBQ season. There is no reason bankrupt yourself.

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