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Childhood Anxiety

Ethan has always been a sensitive soul but lately he has been suffering with anxiety. The cause of his anxiety is mostly about attending school due to a couple of toxic friendships but it is also causing him to have sleep issues, stomach aches and lots of tears.

I thought I would write a post about a few things we have done to help ease this anxiety and help him sleep better. I thought that even if it helps someone else a little it would be worth it.

megan and ethan as harry potter

Secondly we have been using a bedtime spray from ASDA for around £1.30. I really wanted to try the one from Lush and Soul Candles but they were slightly more expensive so I wanted to try this one first. It works a charm with a mixture of Lavender and Chamomile which are both meant to be sleep enticing. I have been using it on Ethan’s stomach under his pyjamas so there is no chance that it will go in his eyes or mouth. It can also be used within bath time routines as it is suitable for both wet and dry skin.

If you have any ideas that might help us feel free to comment below or send me an email with any articles, blogs or books too that might be beneficial too. We are hoping we are on the right track but we are taking each day as it comes at the minute. Now his sleep has improved everything seems a little bit easier.

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  1. This is really helpful. Jack has been a little unsettled recently and I have been wondering if it is perhaps childhood anxiety.

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