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Personalised Christmas Activities Book

Before I start the post, this isn’t an advert or gifted as I purchased it myself but I just wanted to share it as it’s a good way to help with Christmas Activities.

I found this via Instagram and I can’t wait to start this with Ethan and start a new tradition with the boys. I love that it has a space for photos too which usually I wouldn’t print out and they would just live on my phone. It was a bargain at £5 and free postage so it didn’t break the bank and she does other various types of books such as birthday ones too. It is a great way to get kids to sit down and reflect on what they have done and get them writing without them thinking they are doing school work.

You can purchase your own personalised book via this link but be aware she currently has around a 3 week turnaround so if you want to get it before December starts then you need to order soon.

My favourites are “Read A Christmas Story”, “Write A Letter to Santa”, “Watch a Christmas Film together” and “Take A Family Photo by The Tree” but there are many others such as “An Indoor Snowball Fight” which sounds less fun to me but I am sure Ethan would love it. We might make that one an outdoor fake snowball fight so there is less clearing up!

I think it is a great way for them to make memories and record them down to look back at and when they get asked what they did when they return to school they can take it in and show their teacher / class if they wanted too.

If you do purchase one we would love to see what you do inside it so make sure you tag us on Instagram (@Dittrichdiary).

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