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Social Distancing Photoshoot

social distance photoshoot

We are a key-worker family so we were super lucky to be able to take part of a socially distancing photo shoot early on in Lockdown. Louise was so lovely and arrived when stated and it was done within 5 minutes. It’s definitely a weird feeling when you can’t approach your photographer and you have to shout across the street but so glad we got this moment captured.

Louise is a local business to me and she has been capturing the faces of lockdown and the businesses affected by doing these distanced photos.

Ethan and I don’t often have photos taken professionally as it’s usually expensive (Not Louise but other companies) but this service is bringing the art of photography to people who might not normally be able to afford it.

I would highly recommend Louise and you can see more of her work over at her Facebook page or her website.

social distance photoshoot

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