Wedding Advent Calendar

picture of wrapped presents for the advent calendar

For my Sister-in-Law Carly, I made her a wedding advent calendar which started on the Monday before the wedding and lead up to the Wedding day and it also included their wedding presents. I saw this idea on a post somewhere years ago but knew I had to do it for her. For context she is also my best friend and both of my boys godparents.

I made the idea into my own style of calendar with some larger items and some smaller items depending on the day. I made sure they were all individually wrapped them in brown paper with handmade luggage tags saying the date for them to opened. Carly had no idea I was doing this until I handed it over and each item was picked with thought and consideration for why it was in the hamper.

What Is In The Advent Calendar?

  • Team Bride Slippers (Primark)
  • sequin Eye Mask
  • Espresso Martini Tin
  • Skittles (Little Packs)
  • Vanilla Candle
  • Paracetamol
  • Chewing Gum
  • Hand Cream
  • Face Mask
  • Feet Mask
  • Ceramic Popcorn and Drinks Set
  • Popcorn and Marshmallows
  • Adult Colouring Book
  • Lobster Love Make up Bag
  • Lip Balm
  • Mr and Mrs Cushion
  • Mr and Mrs Pillowcases
  • Mr and Mrs Passport Cover Personalised
alphy and carly's bedding with the cushion i got them and personalised pillow cases

These items were split into daily parcels for the Bride (and Groom if she wanted to share) to open and each day was planned with how far away the wedding was. The Mr and Mrs items wouldn’t be useful in the first parcel so of course the packages had to be planned with various things in mind.

Carly LOVED the advent calendar idea and the packages. It helped with the build up to the wedding and gave her something else to look forward to everyday when she got home after work in the evenings. I would love to do a similar present again, and they are really adaptable and would be perfect for other events such as birthdays and baby showers.

Why Should Advent Calendars be restricted to Christmas & aimed at children?

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