Fart Ninja Toy Review [AD]

Ethan was gifted a Fart Ninja figure at the BlogOn Kid event. If you don’t know already what they are, then Fart Ninja’s are motion activated toys that every child will absolutely love as aren’t all children obsessed with Fart noises? Ethan definitely is, this is his dream toy.

Ethan loves to hide his Fart Ninjas around the house and when one of us walks past one of the hidden ninjas, the motion sensor will activate, launching a loud fart attack. It honestly makes us jump every time and has definitely scared the other kids more than once.

There are eight Fart Ninja characters in series one, twelve in series two and twelve in series three to collect. The collection is huge, and Ethan wants to get them all so he can stealth mode us at every hidden corner. Each ninja has 10 realistic fart sounds, and they are suitable for children aged 5 years plus.

fart ninja

If your little one’s have a Tablet or an iPad then get them to download the free app as it features a Fart Ninja photo booth, fart mixer to create your own custom mixes, plus augmented reality to bring your Fart Ninjas to life.

These characters are non-posable however all of them come already posed in a different position. Unlike most toys these come with batteries installed and can be replaced when required. Each figure has a motion detector sensor on the head of the character, which is quite sensitive, and the on/off switch is a little temperamental.

Whilst playability is limited, Ethan is really enjoying hiding his ninja around the house waiting for the next victim (which usually ends up being himself). The Fart Ninjas are an excellent gift idea for any primary school aged child or if you are looking for stocking ideas (yes, I know it is September) then these are a perfect low cost bulky item.

Hilarious toilet humour fun, that kids will 100% love and grown up’s secretly love it too.

RRP: £5.99 each

The Current Available Figures in S1/2/3:

Series One Characters: Dragon Gas, Kung Pi Yew, Sensei Smell, Silent Samurai, Stink Foo, Warrior Burner, Windbreak Warrior and Shadow Ripper

Series Two Characters: Fan My Steamer, Fan Ni Odor, One Cheek Sneak, Legendary Poot, Flying Squeaker, Flying Thunder, Exploding Egg, Poison Tailwind, Night Volcano, Yu Gassy, Hidden Hot Wind and Secret Tailwind

Series Three Characters: Exploding Wind, Sonic Egg, Stink Eyes, Sonic Boom, Rancid Backdraft, Poison Bubbler, Flat U Lance, Power Ripper, Creeping Stank, Hidden Stench, Gluteous Stank and Stench Blossom

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