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For Men Gift Guide

Our Christmas Gift Guide took a bit of a back seat for a couple of weeks due to wanting to make sure we got the best companies for our list and we are now onto the men in the family this week.

Kin Vodka

kin vodka

This is a lovely little company which creates amazing tasting Vodka. I first tried this at The Game Fair over a year ago and I bought it then and there as it tasted amazing and I couldn’t walk away from it. I’m not a massive vodka lover but this was something else and worth every penny.

Various sizes available and gift sets also available on their website.



This company doesn’t need much of an explanation as it is just a chocolate lovers dream and currently very popular on Instagram. Choccolottie has lots of different combinations to choose from and I can tell you it’s not hard to fill your online basket. The products come in various sizes and she is planning an amazing Christmas range so it can suit all tastes!

This can be found on their page for £15

Bloody Hell Hot Sauce

bloody hell hot sauce

I found this product via Instagram when I purchased it for a birthday present. He absolutely loved it as he loves heat and spice when using a marinade or sauce with his food. It’s a small company that is family run and each product is handmade so no two mixtures are exactly the same. They also do limited edition mixtures usually around Halloween time which is extra hot!

It can be purchased here for £9.00 and it’s honestly a great item especially for hampers.

The Brighton Beard Set

I found this company via a story from someone on Instagram and thought they would be an amazing gift.

beard gift set

The design is classic and sleek and the sets look much more expensive than they are. The latest trend this year has been about growing a beard and being “hipster” and this is perfect for that friend or family who just love to look after their beard!

This particular set is £21 and can be found here

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