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Review Of The Pre Built Gingerbread House From ALDI

a red elf named eddie sat on top of a gingerbread house making kit.

I wanted to start a BRAND NEW Christmas Tradition this year and this involved decorating a gingerbread house. I am a good baker but having never done gingerbread before, so I decided I would go for a pre-built gingerbread house. I searched high and low and found this perfect one in Aldi!

It was low priced (£4.99) and sturdy which fitted my criteria when hunting as I knew Ethan wouldn’t be exactly light fingered with it. I decided to let our elf Eddie gift it to Ethan and it worked perfectly as Ethan was super excited to do it!

What Does The Gingerbread Kit Include?

It came with Non Branded ‘Smarties’, Gummy Bears and the icing which just needs placing in a bowl of warm water to make it easier to use. I would 100% add more icing though as it just isn’t enough if you are planning to decorate it all over not just the roof.

a young ethan from 2018 next to this decorated gingerbread house.

Ethan added on his own sweets from his sweetie pot including Love Hearts, Reeses Pieces and Orange Smarties. They are all his favourites so it was nice to see him use them and incorporate it into the house. I let Ethan go for his own design and do what he wanted as he was so excited to do it and I didn’t want to be a controlled monster about it. We had so much fun doing it and he has already asked if he can do it again next year.

Ethan LOVED doing this and he loved destroying it so he could eat it. It was demolished very shortly after these photos were taken.

They were SO popular on the local mums page, Honestly they sold out within days!!

decorated gingerbread house in front of two christmas styled gift bags

The gingerbread house was £4.99 from my local Aldi and they sold out within 3 days of having them within stores. Various stores seem to stock them but I could only get them in my local Aldi in my area.

This isn’t a paid ad or a gifted ad. This post was originally written in 2018 and it is now 2022 and we have done it every year since and it was even in the Vlogmas videos in 2021.

Am I Happy That We Found One & Did It? YES 100000%

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