Green Onions Book Review [AD]

Green Onions Book

Green Onions Blurb: ‘The 90’s had come to a close and escaping my working-class northern upbringing to the untold freedoms of the big city was my only priority. Fumbling through my early 20’s I devoured my new found adulthood and the circus that came with it. Falling into a strange existence of living through and for another person deep in the knowledge that borderline obsession is never okay but having no desire to stop, the freshly found freedoms of London soon became confines from which I wasn’t sure I could escape’. Set in early noughties London, is an honest look at the messy influence that sex, music, desire, and the type of love that you only ever experience once has on this stage of life and why the lessons we learn at this point are the ones that stay with us forever.

This book got my attention as it seemed somewhat light hearted, easy to read and at 156 pages it was a lot shorter than anything else I have been reading lately. The idea of it being set in London in the early 90’s was brilliant for me as it is an age / era / time frame that I wished I lived as an adult rather than a baby. I really think I would of suited 90’s life as an adult!

I found myself wanting to read it whenever I got the chance, I managed to read 50 pages within the space of a few hours and that is quite an accomplishment when you have a baby. I am still unsure to this day if it is fiction or non fiction but either way it is light hearted, easy to read and there isn’t any major trigger factors so I would say it is suitable for most adults. (Update – Amazon has it under Fiction)

If I had to sum it up then I would say that ‘Green Onions’ is an honest look at how we are affected by s*x, music, alcohol, dr*gs and first loves. It really expresses just how much they have an affect, on our views of life.

Green Onions by Fiona L Brown is available to purchase through Amazon (Not Affiliated)

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