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Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style [AD]

We were lucky to be gifted a Hatchimals Pixie Vacay Style to unbox on our YouTube challenge which is live and can be found here.

On first impressions we were both really excited for this as we love the Hatchimals products. The idea was really good and the packaging made it look fancy and different to the usual Hatchimal products.

Ethan loved cracking open the products but I have to say we weren’t that impressed with the overall item. I don’t really know what we were expecting but I guess we thought it would be bigger than palm size. The accessories are also tiny and two of them are smaller than my finger nail so have been lost quite a few times.

I guess it’s definitely aimed more at girls than boys and maybe thats what played a part in the disappointment. I certainly would of been gutted if I spent around £10 on it as I just don’t feel it’s good value for money. Some of the other Hatchimal products are definitely better value for money and the items are usually bigger than what we received today. 

Overall I wouldn’t buy this product for a present or to collect the other pixies as I just feel it isn’t up to the usual standards of Hatchimal products. 

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