International Women’s Day 2019

It’s international women’s day today and of course you will see all the businesses posting across social media and you may see some of your friends posting about it too.

It’s International Women’s Day today and of course you will see all the businesses posting across social media and you may see some of your friends posting about it too.

international womens day

What does it mean to me as a female in my mid twenties trying to be the woman who does everything?

Not much as I don’t see why we can’t celebrate women and what they do everyday. Don’t get me wrong I understand the meaning and context behind International Women’s Day and how people want to celebrate it.

We have many great women in our history and they have done great things but much like other special days of the year I believe we should speak about them more. I have a few people I would like to mention on this day though and a few I know personally and a few I’ve met through social media.

mum megan carly  International Women's Day

First of all we will start with an obvious one which is my mum. She is my rock and she has supported me through everything I’ve done in my life. She’s always there for me and Ethan and will drop everything for her children. My mum beat ovarian cancer at 40 and has since had over 10 years clear. She is the strongest and bravest woman I have know and she reminds me daily that even though I’m a sassy bitch that I can conquer anything I put my mind too.

A list such as this wouldn’t be complete without my sister in law Carly on it. She’s been by my side since I was 18 and is the only person I trust with my secrets. She’s got her own battles but she never turns me away when I need help or advice. She had me by her side on her wedding day and I can honestly say I’ve never cried so much. All her friends say the same as me about her and that is that you could never find a better friend to be by your side.

kaytee jones  International Women's Day

I have spoken about the next lady only today in fact on my blog but Kaytee deserves a gold medal in parenting and in life. She is a nurse, a mum and after all that she is trying to improve the health system too! She is trying to navigate life without Jaxon and she needs all your love and kind thoughts. She is on instagram at @thenursemum.

This is not even a tiny fraction of the women that I would love to write about On International Women’s Day but the post would never end.

Celebrate the women in your life everyday and thank them for being them.

 International Women's Day
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  1. I agree we should celebrate women everu day! A beautiful post with lots of inspiring women in.

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