Motorized Creations K’Nex [AD]

knex motorized creations

We have been GIFTED a brilliant STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) friendly kit by K’Nex which allows us to make Motorized Creations with endless building possibilities. This set comes with 325 different rods, connector pieces and a wind-up spring motor, which can be made into various 3D configurations. We really liked the idea of the Motorized Creations as it adds something extra to the kit!

Ethan was super excited to follow the instructions to create just some of the 25 different models. He was looking forward to creating the Turbo Race Car and the Helicopter (instructions online)! He still hasn’t looked through all the designs yet as there is a lot of suggestions online as well as the two in the instructions. I am sure he will be excited to build many more variations but currently he is tackling the Race Car.


K’Nex was always a winner when I was little, and we LOVED it when it came out at primary school, and I love how Ethan has followed suit. It keeps him quiet for hours and that always means he really likes it plus the instructions are really child friendly and he can follow them without assistance. You know the next stage of your parenting life has happened when they can read the instructions themselves and keep themselves amused with kits like these. I love how versatile K’Nex is and how it can withstand Ethan’s sometimes super strength when it comes to building things as he is often heavy handed.

ethan with knex

I must have to admit I am a little excited to try these out myself as I saw the helicopter online and it looks amazing, but I also saw a stick man on a skateboard, and I want to try and recreate it. I plan to have a play with it when Ethan is finished as I really want to try and surprise him with the Skateboarding Character.

We would recommend this to anyone who has children aged 7+ and it would make a great present or gift. This set has endless building possibilities with the chance to expand the kit in the future which means plenty of gift giving opportunities. It could also work well for someone as a non-chocolate easter gift.

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