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My Laser Tattoo Journey

We all know when we are young we do stupid things and I went through a phase of getting pointless tattoos. I got the standard star and heart and for no real reason other than I wanted a new tattoo.I don’t usually get them without a good reason or a good story behind them. Failing that at least a good design but the student loan burning a hole in my pocket made me a little spontaneous. I soon realised I hated them and laser removal was going to be the way to go. Laser tattoo removal is not cheap and it is not painless so this is my tattoo removal story.

My Laser Removal Story


I decided two years ago to get two tattoos removed and did my research and I soon realised it was going to hurt A LOT. A lot of places I found were expensive and I couldn’t afford a lot. I got recommended someone who didn’t cost the earth and was good at what they did so I booked in.

I did around four sessions if I remember correctly and then I had a break as I was going on holiday. I didn’t continue when I came back as the man didn’t respond to my texts but it has faded enough to cover so I wasn’t too upset. On the right is my before photo.

I had them retouched at some point too so it had a slight thicker layer of ink than when it was first done. I had them done by two separate artists and in all honesty the tattoos were just boring me. I covered them up with my watch or with bracelets and I regretted them more and more. Nothing wrong with stars or hearts by the way, I have loads of hearts but the placement on these was just wrong.

The next photo is my 1st session. TW: Blistering

Straight After

This was straight after the treatment and it blisters almost instantly. It wasn’t too sore just a slight twinge. I won’t show you it during the recovery as honestly it’s disgusting and looks like someone carved a chunk out of my skin. It took around 4 weeks to heal between sessions and it was noticeably lighter each time.

Top Left – Before – During – Bottom After 2 Sessions

With each session he turned it up and made it slightly stronger as he said I was handling the pain ok. The only way I can describe it is almost like someone pinging a hot elastic band against your wrist a million times each second. The tattoo only being small didn’t take long each time so it was short and the pain wasn’t that long.

After The Last Session vs One Year On

One Year On..

A year after treatments and at this point I did think of going back and getting more done. I was debating just getting it all removed but I knew I wanted it covered. I also knew it would never look like unmarked skin again. Laser removal builds quite thick scar tissue so I didn’t want to over do it as I want to get a new tattoo.

I’ve been looking at it again recently and realised that since last year its kept fading. It’s less angry and less grey and all you can see is the outline really now a days.

One Year After VS Two Years

I don’t regret getting the tattoo removed at all. I cannot wait for the start of my sleeve and working over this piece of my life. I would of never been happy with my sleeve with this included so it was almost like a fresh start. It’s made me think about all of my tattoos too especially when designing new ones.

My only advice is research your clinics, research the results and don’t expect it to be cheap. It’s definitely more painful than getting the tattoo done that’s for sure.

PS. Don’t pop the blisters! It bloody hurts and they are protecting the new skin!! I learnt the hard way!

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