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My Top 3 Gay Bars in London

I travelled into London for an event and decided to extend my travel and make a full day of it. Considering I’ve been bisexual for near on 10 years I have never been into a gay bar in London. I’ve been into a couple in Amsterdam and one in Portsmouth but never London so decided it was time to change that.

I decided to do my research and find the most suitable gay bars for lesbians / bi women and found a great little list here. I was in London solo for once so decided that a little research goes a long way when you’re drinking alone.

KuBar Soho, London

in a bar drinking beer

I started off my little bar crawl at KuBar Soho – I soon came to realise that there are a few Ku Bars in Central London and the one I visited was in the centre of Soho itself. It was just before 4pm when I visited and it was getting busy but that might of been due to the good weather. The Pub / Club itself was light and welcoming and the staff were really friendly. It was ok prices considering location and they did a 2-4-1 on Heineken until early evening. There was a sign for cocktails upstairs but I didn’t venture that far.

It is a nice little bar with more upstairs and to be honest would of loved to have returned in the evening as I have a feeling it is a great nighttime spot. According the posters dotted around they do various theme evenings too and one night was Karaoke.

I was starting to plan to leave KuBar Soho and I decided to find the main club I wanted to visit which is called “She”. It’s one of the longest running lesbian bars in London and I’ve heard some great reviews. I knew it wasn’t far away but wasn’t sure where.

She “LGBTQ+” Bar

When I checked my map, I realised it was only a four minute walk around the corner from KuBar. So I finished my drink and by the time I arrived it was around 5pm. I knew it wouldn’t be busy as it was still super early but wanted to have a drink there regardless.

route to she

To get into the bar you go down a set of steps and then enter this almost bunker styled bar. It has various little rooms and a small DJ booth at the back. The staff were super friendly and kind and didn’t seem to mind me singing along to the music after a couple of drinks. They had an offer on the beers/ciders on tap which made them £3 (I think it was between 4 and 8pm) so that made my evening a lot cheaper.

My favourite part of “She” is the room at the back – it has two swinging chairs and it feels really intimate and you almost forget you are in a nightclub. You definitely forget your in the centre of London as it’s super chilled out.

in a bar drinking beer

I would go as far as to say that it is my current favourite nightclub in London. Quite a bold statement to make I know, and it includes standard pubs and clubs too not just ones aimed at LGBTQ+.

It is unique and quirky, and I can imagine when it gets busy it’s absolutely buzzing. I plan to go back in a few weeks and check it out later in the evening.

After leaving She I was ready to go home but I thought to finish off my trip I would pop into G-A-Y and have one last drink.

G-A-Y Bar London

It is also right opposite She so literally took me seconds to get in. It was before 8pm too so once again no charge for entry.

I ordered my usual which is a Corona and to my surprise it was only £3.90 which is really good for London prices. I didn’t explore the upstairs of the bar as I was on my own and had lots of bags but it took me back to my university days. The club reminded me of PopWorld in Portsmouth with its overly tacky decoration and the slightly sticky floors. It would of been amazing if I had been drunk but I reckon I could have a good night in there for sure.

in a bar drinking beer

I managed to get myself up on the screens too by tweeting their account! Cheeky little promo for my twitter handle and a quick selfie. You’ve got to have some fun in life! Eh?!

I left G-A-Y around 8pm and headed home as I was exhausted from being up since 6am. I would have loved to have stayed out until the early hours but I’m just too old!

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