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London Uber Boat & Emirates Cable Cars

cable car view

Ethan and I took an evening trip to London in February and we decided to do the Emirates Cable Cars from Canning Town to the 02 as Ethan and I love it but we hadn’t done it at night before. We also really wanted to do the Uber Boat from the 02 to Embankment as we hadn’t done it before but we saw it on YouTube and it looked awesome. If you haven’t seen our YT video yet then go and check it out as it shows exactly just how much fun we had and how good the views from the boat were.

ethan and i on the uber boat

Neither of the methods of travel where super expensive but the boat was more than I expected but it also took a lot longer than expected too. It is worth the money 100% and if you have an oyster card you can use it on both methods of travel. There was also no requirement to prebook for either of them despite what the internet might say but the cable car does usually have some form of queue especially on a Thursday & Friday evening.

We really want to do a full loop on the cable cars at some point and we also told Nick we really want to do it with him in the summer. If you are visiting the Excel Centre then it is a really cool way to travel there or back depending on which direction you are coming from. We did Stratford to Canning Town via the tube which was easy to work out then the Cable Cars across to the 02 for the Boat.

We would rate both of them 10/10 but if you are in a hurry then the boat isn’t the best idea as it an hour roughly from the 02 to Embankment and it wasn’t too busy so wasn’t stopping lots.

London we will see you again soon

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  1. I remember the first time I took an Uber Boat – I loved it! I felt as if I were on a plane with the little snacks available! I went from Canary Wharf to the Tate, and I felt so amazed at being able to enjoy the river without many people and the hot Tube!

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