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London’s BIG READ 2019 theme this year is ‘Female Empowerment’ and finalists on the shortlist include Dolly Alderton, Maggy Van Eijk and Abiola Bello.

London’s BIG READ 2019 theme this year is ‘Female Empowerment’ and finalists on the shortlist include Dolly Alderton, Maggy Van Eijk and Abiola Bello.

This week is all about World Book Day and I thought it was fitting to tell you all about London’s BIG READ 2019. I hadn’t heard about it until this year and it sounds fabulous so read below all about it and get involved.

Londoners are being called to action to vote for London’s BIG READ of 2019 at Organised by Heironmind Limited, and now in its second year, 14 books have been selected across fiction and non-fiction under a theme of ‘female empowerment’. 

Londoners will be able to vote for their favourite book online from Thursday 7th March through to 30th June 2019.

The winner and their book will be crowned ‘London’s BIG READ 2019,’ and it will be announced at a gala fundraising dinner and celebration in September 2019.

The aim of London’s BIG READ is to bring the Capital together through reading books that expand our understanding of our community and express the diversity of this great city. London’s BIG READ have made sure to cover a vast range of books including poetry, middle grade and YA, to give a wider range of genres to the public and introduce new titles that might not have been read before.

London’s BIG READ 2019 is partnered with the Children’s Literary Charity and Ndoro Children’s Charity to raise money through myriad fundraising activities, culminating in a gala ceremony and charity auction in September 2019, at which the winner will be officially announced.

Within the books on the London’s BIG READ list this is one of my favourite titles and just one of the many wonderful books on the shortlist.

I’m Absolutely Fine!: A Manual for Imperfect Women by Annabel Rivkin & Emilie McMeekan

I don’t often find a book that gets my attention with the blurb as it is usually a recommendation or I like the cover but this time it was the back of the book that I loved! So here is the blurb for you:

I’m absolutely fine but I slightly need to pee, I followed the road less travelled and now I don’t know where the hell I am, I may bleed to death shaving my legs, I just ate the fridge, my soul aches, ducking hell, my sock is slipping off inside my shoe, another week has ended without me becoming accidentally rich, I just put my keys in the fridge, my jeans hate me, unexpected object in the bagging area, I haven’t slept since 2012, I’ve got road rage, I’ll have a café mocha vodka valium latte to go please, where’s my phone? My anxieties have anxieties, no… not like that – here, I’ll do it, do I have to do everything? WTF?

So I would recommend you go out and get this book and read it as it is what everyone needs in their life and its what every woman wants to hear and know they are not alone.

The London’s BIG READ campaign is something we all need to get behind and especially within the younger generation as we need to keep the love for books alive.

Visit their website for more information.

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  1. Nicely written post. The cover is so pretty and after reading the blurb, I’ll have to go and purchase this book! Thank you for the recommendation x

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