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Loosing My Hearing at 26

I was told about 5 years ago (2020) after a hearing test that I have reduced hearing and can’t hear high pitched sounds but it wasn’t expected to get any worse. They kept checking every year until about a year ago when they didn’t send me an appointment. I only thought about this a month or so ago when I realised quite quickly I was saying pardon and huh a LOT more and that I couldn’t hear very well when lots of noise was around. This made me suddenly think about when my last consultant appointment was and just as I thought it was over 2 years ago.

I have since been back to my doctors and got referred back to my consultant but I was told there is a 90 day wait until my first appointment and longer before any treatment. I have since noticed that my tinnitus has got a lot worse especially when I’m in bed or if I’ve been somewhere noisy.

I wasn’t expected to loose my hearing or for it to get worse but it has and quite quickly too. It is expected now that at some point probably quite soon I will require a hearing aid, maybe for both ears depends on how badly it has changed.

Hearings aids don’t bother me in any way shape or form as my best friend has them and if they help me stop saying huh, pardon, what as much then it is a blessing. what does bother e though is just how quickly I am loosing it and how much discomfort and pain I am in with my ears at the minute. If i had to loose a sense I would say hearing would probably be the one I would of chosen but in all honestly I never thought It would happen.

Ethan and I have been talking about my hearing and the chance of hearing aids and he is saying that I’m not allowed them. We have come to the conclusion that it might be because he sees it as a disability rather than anything else but once we spoke in more depth about it he said it was fine. In the world of Ethan though he has said that I will have to swap them for my glasses though as I cant have both apparently.

So we will see how it goes and muddle through for now. Please believe me though I’m not ignoring you if you call me I just didn’t hear you!

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