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M18 Foods in Harlow

We stumbled across M18 Foods store by pure accident but we now love it! It is located behind The Range on Edinburgh Way in Harlow and is open to the public not just wholesale. We did a couple of YT Videos whilst in store which you can watch here.

m18 food

If you are looking for Asian, Oriental, European & Afro Caribbean foods then this is the shop for you in Harlow, Essex. They are open to the public 7 days a week from 10am – 7pm. They sell such a big range of items including HUGE amounts of seafood, fresh meat and poultry from the butcher counters and they have the best selection of fresh & frozen fruit and vegetables. The selection of spices and herbs is huge and the aisle smells amazing when you walk down it. They also have a wide selection of other groceries and even a selection of beauty and cleaning products.

Our Must Buy Items At M18 Foods

m18 food

Our MUST BUY items include the glass Ramune drinks with the glass marble in it which is A’s favourite, and there is a drink called Mogu Mogu which Mum loves and it includes actual pieces of Lychee at the bottom. I am not a fan as I don’t like Lychee but she loves it. White Rabbit sweets are also a must buy for us as we had them as children when Dad used to work in London as you could previously only buy them in China Town / SoHo. I love to buy the different flavours Coca Cola, Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew and try a new one each time. We also got the TikTok trend Jelly Straws which were pricey but really cool to try and the kids buy them every time they visit now.

I would honestly suggest trying this shop if you are local, you might be surprised what you find inside it is like Aladdin’s cave.

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