Marvel Mission Arena Trading Cards [ad]

This is a brand new collectible card game that is going to take the card gaming world by storm

Introducing a brand new trading card game called MARVEL MISSION ARENA.

This is a brand new collectible card game that is going to take the card gaming world by storm. It is a game but also a collectable trading card activity that all Marvel fans will love! If you ever played with Pokémon cards then this is the superhero version with the same style of play. The great thing about this game is that it encourages reading, talking and interacting as the players can trade cards with friends. 

There are so many loved character cards and Ethan was so excited when he saw these drop through our letter box. It’s new and exciting and appealing to a range of ages not just the younger ones. 

There is an app that goes along with the game too but it isn’t a must have. It isn’t a make or break if the kids don’t have access to a device. There are some awesome youtube videos too that you should check out to get you started. W loved these two:

The starter packs include everything you need to play and a bonus special card. They are priced at £19.99 and the additional booster packs are priced at £3.99. The booster packs work out as perfect pocket money price which I love as I used to buy Pokémon cards with my pocket money.

The starter packs and booster packs are available to buy now from HMV, Amazon and other independent toy shops.

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