MozaBrick Photo Set [AD]

MozaBrick is a photo construction set and it is a wonderful gift for anyone over 14 as the bricks are small and a little fiddly. In order to get the correct pattern order you need to choose a photo and then follow the pattern to create the photo in black and white bricks. You get a code in the box to activate your pack and this code is unique to each box.

The SMALL design which I have, is suitable for selfies, single close-ups and macro photography. The black and white mosaic image will fit perfectly in any house and when you are bored of the image you can build another one. It is NOT one time use and I love this as I assumed you glued it but you don’t so it can be changed up whenever you fancy it which is awesome and a proper boredom buster.

This product is BRAND NEW to the UK and I met them at The Toy Fair 2022 and I just loved the idea, the effect and the look of it. I have a set to create a photo with and this will be up on YT soon when I pick my photo.

You can buy three sizes for your brick art: SM, and L. The sizes are universal and help you to create bigger pieces if that’s what you want.

  • Small: 51×51 cm/20×20 inches, It includes 5800 pieces. Ideal for selfies, macro photos with good details
  • Medium: 51×76 cm/20×30 inches, It includes 8700 pieces. It’s a perfect size for a portrait of a couple or close friends 
  • Large: 76×76 cm/30×30 inches, It includes 14500 pieces. This is the ideal size for images with several faces /nature/ flowers / animals or a pet.

We are going to make ours and film it on YouTube so when it is filmed and ready I will link it on this post. I have to decide what picture to do but I am 90% sure its going to be on of the boys for my new office space when we move house!

QBRIX Photo Art

The QBRIX is a unique photo constructor that allows you to compose an image in pixel art format from any photo you want. The best gift for the whole family and it is a beautiful decoration for the home!

How it works:

  1. Buy a building set (ORIGINAL, SOLAR or POSTER) 
  2. Go to the website given in the instruction, enter a 9 digit code, upload and refine your image, receive the mounting plan at your email address 
  3. Start fun puzzling along, with the whole family or friends! 
  4. Upload a new photo with the same code for free.
  5. Your puzzle is endless!

More details:

  • Quantity of bricks: 3500 
  • Assembly time: 6-7 hours

All views are my own and do not reflect on the businesses mentioned, no money was paid for the businesses to feature in my article and the only exchange was them giving me products but at no point did they state it was for review, promotion or paid work. It was just them being nice.

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