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Mr Beast Burger UK

Mr Beast Burger, I am sure is a common name in your household if you have under 15-year-olds and Mr Beast Burger is the latest buzzword in my house. Ethan searched everywhere when he was in America (Florida) and couldn’t hunt one down but I have managed to find a takeaway one from us BUT it is an hour drive.

Ethan has begged and begged and begged and we finally caved and took him, Excited wasn’t the word!

mr beast burger

The nearest one to us is in Watford and it is within the Village Hotel rather than a stand-alone restaurant. The one’s in the UK don’t seem to be proper restaurants just take aways that you order via uber eat / just eat. The process seemed easy, we ordered on route via the uber eats app and then we collected the in-hotel restaurant. The restaurant has tables, but the staff won’t always let you sit there so it might be a case of sitting outside if sunny or in your car it really just depends on the staff that are on shift.

UK Location list – the USA one isn’t up to date.

Ethan was super happy that it came in the official branding boxes and we both had the Beast Style, and it was very good and filling. We got the combos of a burger, chips, and drink for £10.99 which I personally thought was expensive, but it is on par with Five Guys so guess it isn’t too bad. Just sounded pricey when we got 2 meals as I refused to get 3 meals. Only positive is at least we didn’t have to pay for delivery. Ethan went for the Beast Burger minus any pickles, and he LOVED it, but he did struggle to finish it all and the beast burger style chips as it was super filling. We couldn’t see how to remove items from the burgers, so I just ate the pickles from the burger (not complaining).

mr beast burger

It was a good portion size but honestly It is just the hype that allows it to be that expensive otherwise it wouldn’t warrant that price tag.

The chips Nick and I had were the seasoned style and it had a lot of paprika on it so make sure you get unseasoned if you don’t like spice. They were nice but very hot towards the end of the portion.

mr beast burger

We would totally recommend it if you have one nearby and I would advise you to make sure it is open and taking orders before going though as lots of them closed down after lockdown. If you are local (ish) to Watford or visiting the Harry Potter Studios soon then this is worth a visit if you want a treat.

How To Get To Mr Beast Burger Watford

If you do go to the Village Hotel then you have to collect it from the bar on the right as you walk in and it is NOT sign posted so just make sure you alert a member of staff that you are there. It took 15 minutes from ordering to getting the food. They forgot our drinks, so we got refunded for them but make sure they give them to you.

We probably wouldn’t go again but Ethan loved it for a one-off treat.

I would say a 7/10 but Ethan said a 9.25 out of 10.

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