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My 30 Before 30 List – Revised

So due to COVID and the fact that it has messed up a load of my travel plans for 2021, I thought I would revise my 30 before 30 list.

I turn 28 this year (2021) and I hope my revised list will make it easier to complete just some of them this coming year.

  1. Stop Hating My Body
  2. Visit Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland – When Safe
  3. travel Around Italy – When Safe
  4. Visit Paris, Climb The Eiffel Towel and Go To Disney – When Safe
  5. Go Ice Skating
  6. Go Go Karting
  7. Go to Pride in Brighton and Amsterdam 
  8. Learn To Cook 5 Meals 
  9. Go To A Comedy Show / Club
  10. Read More Books
  11. Complete A Sign Language Course
  12. Go to Poland with Mum and Do the Culture Tour 
  13. Ride on a Motorbike 
  14. Pass My Driving Test 
  15. Go To A Spa Day
  16. Learn To Swim 
  17. Go To See Magic Mike in London
  18. Be Debt Free by 30
  19. Get My Nose Pierced
  20. Finish My Family Tree
  21. Learn to Crochet
  22. Save £3000
  23. Take Ethan on a UK Holiday
  24. See A Show At The Globe in London
  25. Feed The Penguins And Red Pandas at The Zoo
  26. Go In A Rickshaw / Pedicab in London
  27. Take Ethan on the London Eye
  28. Keep Blogging and Vlogging
  29. Go to the Harry Potter Tour 
  30. Finish my Tattoo sleeve on my left arm

Oh and a bonus one….

31. Lend To Defend Myself

So we will see how it stands in a years time! I am hoping there will be a lot more crossed off by the end of 2021.

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