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Smear Testing at 25 Yrs Old

I turned 25 in the June of 2018 and I got my letter for my Smear around six months before. Everyone is talking about Smear tests recently and I even saw a tv advert for it earlier today but it still seems to be a taboo subject along with periods and contraception.

smear for smear

I was expecting the letter like we all do but it still was a surprise when it landed on my doorstep. I rang the doctors and booked it right away and sorted childcare so I had no excuse.

I thought about nothing else until the day of the smear. I was nervous but of course I knew I had to get it done. Nerves mean nothing when it is something like this. Smear tests are serious and with my family history I knew I couldn’t ignore it.

The nurse put my mind at ease and we chatted about children and holidays and just general chit chat. It didn’t hurt – I have had worse pain when popping a spot. In fact I have to say that putting in my coil was worse and it even took longer than my smear. It was all done within five minutes. I was heading back to work in less time than it takes to eat a roast dinner. She told me I would get my results in around six weeks time.

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My results came and they scared me. I won’t lie – I had a letter telling me that I had abnormal cells and I required a colposcopy. I had no clue what that procedure was and as far as I was concerned this letter was saying I had cancer.

A colposcopy is a simple procedure used to look at the cervix, the lower part of the womb at the top of the vagina.

I ran over to my mums house and balled my eyes out because I had no clue what any of it meant. The letter was full of information but nothing quite sunk in.

jos cervical cancer trust

I booked my appointment and honestly I’ve never felt so scared and emotional all in one. I went to my colposcopy appointment around two weeks later and I kept in the tears and took on the advice for the aftercare they gave me.

I came out and I cried – full on ugly crying and hyperventilating. It was emotional and an experience that I never want to repeat again. The nurses were lovely and kind and tried to talk to me throughout the procedure to distract me but the idea of cancer is scary and it is never far from your life.

I got my results back via a letter and I was told I will be retested in a year to check the cells once again and for now they are happy I’m clear. I am 26 this year and in a few months I will be asked to make another appointment and go for my smear again. I will book it and I will go because my life means more to me than being embarrassed for 5 minutes max by my bad bikini line or my cellulite.

My life isn’t going to be cut short because I didn’t go for my smear. The nurse doesn’t care about your socks, your pubes or your fanny lips they have seen it all before. Go and book it ladies – if I can do it so can you.

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