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What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

When I first started writing this post I was around 25 weeks pregnant and thinking about packing my hospital bag. I am glad I did as at 32 weeks as predicted I had my little boy and now he is happy and healthy I have come back to finish this post with what was actually handy the second time around.

I have been thinking about my hospital bag ALOT and after Ethan being born early and it not being anywhere near ready I plan to get a head start on it this time round and have it done and ready by 30 weeks just in case!

I overpacked massively last time but of course this was 9 years ago, I know a lot more and a lot has changed. Everyone’s hospital bag is different and I have watched a few of my fellow bloggers videos on it so I will link those below. This is of course my version of a hospital bag and there is no right or wrong, after baby is born I will try and update with what we actually used and what was useless!

I purchased this bag blindly off eBay and I have to say it is the perfect size for the stuff I have chosen to take and not too big. I ended up with a suitcase last time as I didn’t have a bag.

I ended up purchasing a second one for babies stuff and it was perfect. I would 10/10 recommend. I purchased this via eBay and used this seller.

floral overnight bag

My Bag:

Phone charger, USB lead and plug plus my external charger with the charger for that. My reasoning behind this is that one person can use the external and one can use the wall charger depending on situation. I have purchased these iphone ones as I love them and they are long and robust, my partners phone is micro-pin so will get a standard cable for his phone. My external charger is Anker and it is brilliant at holding charge. – 10/10 must have.

Comfy nightie

I got one from Primark for £10.50 with buttons down the front and it is called a “boyfriend shirt”. I didn’t want to get anything expensive as I will throw away after. It is easy for breast feeding too and skin to skin due to the buttons. – 10/10 Best thing I had, especially with him being premature, it was perfect for skin to skin

Pj top & shorts

I got some from Aldi maternity range for £3.99. They are comfy, baggy and also can be thrown away. – 5/10 Didn’t wear them at the hospital due to c section, wore them after at home


Slippers as hospital floors are known to be cold and its easier to throw them on than socks, also perfect if required to walk to nicu. (Learnt that lesson last time). I got these from Primark as under £5. – 10/10 must have especially if c-section as you won’t be bending to put socks on


Big Knickers – bigger the better, I got the pack of 5 black ones from Primark last time less than £5, two packs of those did the job. I got extra incase of accidents. – 10/10 best comfy thing ever, I purchased disposable as well but were too uncomfortable. Still end up wearing them for the next year. Comfort vs style every day.

Maternity bra – I have got mine off eBay for less than £8 and they are comfy. Always pack a spare as you don’t know how long you might be in. – 8/10 I used this to start with then purchased this one as I was using a pump to express a lot then purchased some from Boohoo for comfort. Either way if you plan to breastfeed then a decent bra.

Pads & Breast Pads

Biggest pads you can get, usually classed as maternity pads but the cheap ones nothing fancy and lots of them. – 10/10 must have and lots of them. I found disposable ones better than reusable but obviously depends on you.

Breast pads – breast feeding or not you will need these, once again cheap and cheerful I found was the way to go as I used a lot. I will get the fabric washable ones if I keep up breast feeding. – 10/10 must have and lots of them. I found disposable ones better than reusable but these from ASDA were brilliant for the price.

Other Items

Re-usable water bottle – I got mine in the sale in Typo for a huge one. I will also take a squishy squash as I HATE plain water. – 10/10 Best idea as hospital water is minging without squash and it is less likely to spill over. Would take one again.

Flannel – didn’t use it last time as I wasn’t in labour but apparently useful for contractions. – 8/10 I was so grateful for this during hot flushes and for afterwards in the shower.

Vaseline for dry lips as hospitals tend to be air less – 2/10 Didn’t use it and it didn’t surface out of my bag.

Toothbrush and paste – easier to just get brand new and as much as its wasteful the toothbrush can be thrown away when home. – Obvious 10/10 It felt so nice to have clean breath even if I couldn’t do much else for myself after my c section.

Hair bands / mini dry shampoo / mini deodorant / hair brush – self explanatory – a total 10/10 to hair bands as it was so hot and stuffy it was nice to be able to get my hair off me.

A Battery powered fan from B&M/Poundland/The Works as hospitals are stuffy and I am due end of September so it wont exactly be cold. – FAIL – Didn’t manage to get one but wish I had especially for the NICU as it was like a sauna 24/7

So that is my hospital bag and my views on what I actually packed. I was in 2 nights after my c section but a whole week before hand so I got my partner to bring in a few extras for me.

  • A word search book to help pass the time and a pack of pens as they forever go missing. – 10/10 as it saves your sanity.
  • Nice treats such as chocolate and sweets as hospital food gets boring and the dessert isn’t always nice. I lived off jacket potatoes so his treat bag came in handy. If you have visitors also get them to bring fruit e.g grapes, you will want fresh fruit to snack on.

Once I knew I wasn’t going home before baby came I also had him bring in the baby name plaque and bits and pieces required for the NICU but I hope to do a separate post on this eventually when it isn’t so raw.

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