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Omicron & Me (COVID)

Over Christmas 2021 we were one of the unfortunate families that came down with Omicron / Covid and had to isolate for most of December. If you followed my Vlogmas you would have seen that we didn’t get it too badly, but we suffered with fatigue and horrible aching. It seems to be doing the rounds again once more and I thought I would write a short bit about our experience with it and what we have done in the 3 months Post Covid to help ourselves feel a little bit more normal.

My first main symptom was a splitting headache that I could not shift and sweating overnight that felt like postpartum sweats all over again. I soon realised that this might be more than a migraine and I tested positive faintly but within 24 hours it was strong and taking hold. I was the first to go down with it in the house, then followed by Nick and we are assuming Ezra had it too but at a few months old we didn’t test him. Luckily Ethan was with his dad, so he didn’t catch it from us, and he has avoided it somehow at school when most of his class were down with it.

Nick and I had both had our 2 vaccinations but neither of us had our booster as we were due in the January. I have to say I really think that the vaccinations helped us not feel too shocking as we were able to parent without too much trouble luckily. Our main symptoms were a headache, major body aches, one of felt hot and the other shivering cold and we both sweated incredible amounts overnight as our body was trying to rid itself of the virus. I tested negative after 7 days, but Nick didn’t until nearly day 9/10 and this was when the requirement was after Day 7 if you are negative twice you can go out.

Nick hasn’t seemed to of suffered with any after affects but I have been struggling with fatigue, brain fog and lots more headaches than ever before. I had my bloods done to test for everything after covid as I was worried, I was low in multiple things, and it revealed quite a few of my levels were low so I have been taking vitamins and what was suggested from my doctors to help with that. The brain fog is still there but not as bad nearly 4 months down the line but to be honest, it could also be baby brain so there is no real cure or aid for that.

My best advice for anyone with Covid is eat and drink like normal to keep up your strength, fresh juices are good too, sleep a lot if you can (be aware you get weird dreams bit like pregnancy dreams) and if you have a garden and it is a nice day then get some fresh air or open a window. Also leave a note on your door stating you are isolating as some parcel companies will not leave it on the doorstep unless you notify them. Shopping deliveries can also be done but they must be notified too before the delivery slot. Also, paracetamol every 4 hours if you can take it as this will help with the headaches as well as the possible temperature.

Please remember I am no doctor just passing on my experience with the Omicron variant.

A few people have suggested the following items to me to help with post covid symptom’s but of course talk to your doctor before taking anything especially if you are on other medicines:

  • Metatone Tonic
  • Vitamin C tablets
  • Live & Active Bacteria from Symprove
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Raw Cold Pressed Juice
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