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The Last Piece of Heart by Paige Toon

I love Paige Toon as an author so it only seemed right to start my 12 months of reading with one of her books. I finished it within 2 days and as always with her books I didn’t want it to end.

I found Bridget instantly loveable as a character and the concept behind her writing is brilliant and to be honest one I had thought of myself. The idea of getting back the pieces of the heart is what spears her on for writing her book until a different proposal comes her way. Often you would expect to find it to be love or romance that would change the direction but in this novel its different.

I love how Bridget is very much an independent woman and I love that about her character. She is given the seemingly impossible task of finishing another authors book due to her unexpected death and this task brings new friendships, new challenges and a massive change of direction for Bridget.

I won’t lie that I cried and I laughed whilst reading this story and honestly didn’t want it to end but couldn’t put it down at the same time. I would love to find out what happens to Bridget and Charlie and I believe there is scope for another short story here about their time together and any more adventures that they have together.

This book refueled my love for reading and it reminded me that switching off from the world and getting immersed in a book is a blooming good form of self love and care.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a smart romantic fiction book that is set not only in the beautiful Cornwall but features many of other beautiful parts of the world too.

It is available as paperback, audiobook, kindle and an audio CD. I got my copy in the charity shop for 50p but currently it is around 5 GBP on Amazon for the paperback.


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