Panda Sweets [AD]

Ethan got GIFTED a 1KG bag of Vegan Pick ‘n’ Mix from Panda Sweets and it was made up of the tastiest Vegan friendly sweets, chocolates and more. They are amazing quality and lush sweets and we cannot wait to order more. Ethan demolished it all very quickly even the fizzy ones and he was so happy to get some happy post.

ethan and panda sweets

They are a traditional sweet shop with such a huge selection of retro sweets and the best part is that they are all hand-picked by the resident expert: Peanut the Panda. They have everything you could want from boiled sweets, jelly sweets, sherbet, marshmallow, toffee, fudge, liquorice and everything in between, with over 600 varieties of sweets in stock you will definitely find your childhood favourite.

The warehouse is based in the UK which means that you get your order quickly and if you order over £40 worth of sweets then you get FREE delivery!

I have to say that it would make the best present for the sweet tooth lover in your life this Valentine’s Day (hint hint).

Panda Sweets

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