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I recently travelled to Budapest for a Hen Do of my sister in law to be and we visited the famous Peaches ‘n’ Cream nightclub in the centre which is known for its RnB music and good nightlife. Peaches ‘n’ Cream seemed to be the go to club in Budapest and it was super busy. I think it was the busiest we had seen anywhere in the whole time we were in Budapest!

me in a hotel room in budapest in a top and skirt

We got ready and off we went!

I was a bit dubious as it’s not my kind of music and I’m not a massive nightclub fan but we got ready and headed there. It was about a ten – fifteen minute walk from Hotel Moments where we were staying. On approach there was a massive queue but we were allowed to cut the queue due to VIP access which was prearranged.

We were directed to a sofa area which was our base for the night and our server came over and asked us for drink selections as we had a bundle for a set amount of alcohol with our entry.

We originally chose the cheaper selection of Gin and Vodka to get more for our money but was told we were only allowed the higher priced ones (Tanquiry and Absolut).This was slightly annoying as nothing stated this. I think they just wanted us to use up our drink allowance quicker. We were given a selection of mixers for the alcohol free of charge (I would hope so).

They did make it feel special with a giant sparkler in our drinks bucket as they came over which added to the event overall and made the club look at us all.

The music in the club was good and varied and they had screens showing the music videos all around. The dance floor area was big but incredibly busy and made it harder to go to and from the toilets due to this. You had to walk down the middle of the dance floor to get to the toilets which was a little strange. After a few drinks everyone was dancing by our table not just the designated dance floor so it was like we had our own little area.

The overall club was good but it was your typical club environment with sticky floors, broken glass, a lot of grinding going on and sick on the floors but who notices that after a few drinks eh?!

The host was ok throughout the night keeping us stocked up on soft drinks and extra alcohol but did try to push us to leave 3 x positive Tripadvisor reviews in exchange for 2 bottles of champagne when she noticed we had no spirits left and were low on mixers. This in turn has made me think most of the good reviews might not be so genuine and maybe written by drunk people who wanted the extra two bottles of fizz but maybe i’m just looking for the bad.

Would I return to the club? 

Yeah I would as it was a good night but the prices were quite high so I would pre-drink before going and just have a few cocktails there due to this as a few of the cocktails names caught my eye. I wouldn’t bother with VIP again as people around us were getting tables just not the whole sparkler and table service but those two things don’t bother me as much but obviously were appreciated as it was a hen do.

All views are my own and not of anyone else on the trip.

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