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I couldn’t forget our little friends (pets) within the household so here is our Top 5 Pet Gift Guide.

The Little Collar Company

These collars are literally so cute and who wouldn’t want a personalised collar (or keyring) with their pets face on it? Surely the best thing for a dog or a cat must be a new collar – it must feel like a new piece of jewellery!

This company makes them by hand and are currently researching into new methods of making the products to improve turn around. Much like many other personalised items make sure you order in plenty of time to allow for manufacturing and delivery.

Mummy’s Delight 

Give the dogs in your life a little treat this Christmas and get them some healthy, nutritious food that is full of the food stuff. They might not appreciate the thought and no point wrapping it up with the presents but they will love the food inside. I have followed this company on Instagram for a long time now and their value is amazing and the products are much better quality than other mass produced items.

Toys from Fin & Fur

Get some new toys for them to enjoy whilst everyone else is unwrapping their presents, it seems like a simple idea but it will keep them out of your way and amused. It also helps them feel part of it especially if they are wrapped then 9/10 times the dogs in the family will love ripping it open and I’m sure my cat would too (I know our dog loves wrapping paper).

When I am stating good quality toys I am not meaning spend £50 on a dog or cat toy but I am saying buy something that is approved for animals and from a recognised company as at Christmas time you hear horror stories about cheap toys.

Handmade Accessories by Pawfect Touch By Jade

This company is one I have followed on Instagram for a while after seeing them on Beckyhomesweethome. They make the cutest little bandannas and bow ties for cats and dogs. These are all handmade by the shop owner so very much the personal touch. Honestly cannot wait to get my cat a little bow tie as she will look adorable and might even end up purchasing her a new little collar to replace her current one.

Personalised Pets Stocking

Don’t forget the pets in the house when hanging the stockings on the wall. I have had a look at the current market of them and I honestly think the cutest one I have found is from ebay. I know isn’t supporting small businesses directly but it is better than a bigger brand name company.

It can be personalised and is the perfect place to put those toys and treats away from pawing claws. In all honesty I just thought it was so cute and will be buying Lily one on payday!

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