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My Experience With PoundToy

I have seen PoundToy advertised loads over social media and during the first Lockdown I thought I would place an order and see what all the fuss was about considering we couldn’t get to any local stores. I reviewed my first order over on my Youtube channel which can be seen here.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed at first that not everything is £1 considering the name but even Poundland isn’t all a £1 anymore so what did I expect?!

The items on the website are perfect for stocking fillers and party bags as most fall under the £2-£3 category and often they have penny deals which can be added to your order. The current penny offers are Christmas related items and each can be added to an order once.

On the website there is 7500+ reviews of happy customers and one massive bonus that other customers seem to love is the various payment methods that are options such as Amazon payments and Klarna.

I was really impressed with the wide range of products they have on their website and just a few of the categories are Sweets, Party, Books, Christmas, Halloween and they often do a 3 for 2 on the most popular items especially near Christmas time.

All of these Cocomelon products are in the 3 for 2 and are around £5.00 each and considering how popular it is at the moment I can imagine they are selling a lot of these for Christmas. I tend to check the prices here first when looking for a present as the offers are just brilliant and the postage isn’t too expensive especially if you spend over £25 it is free.

If you fancy a trip down memory lane then the toys under £1 section is just for you, with fun snaps, those foam gliders, little ball puzzles and I am sure that there are many other little party bag pieces that were big in the 90’s that I haven’t mentioned.

If someone was to ask me if it’s worth it then yes the company is good, the products are good and it is good value for money but only if you pick the right items otherwise it could just be a big box of plastic which obviously isn’t good for the environment. If someone asked me if it was worth it then Yes I would say it is but only if its stuff you will use.

I did order a second box this year to help me fill the kids stockings this Christmas and I did a second Youtube review of it which can be found here.

If you use the code “FRIENDS10” you can get 10% off your order at the checkout.

(£15 instead of £20)

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