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Songs Buffet Chelmsford

On Thursday we went into Chelmsford for the Cotswold event and afterwards we were starving so decided to get some food. Anyone who has been to Chelmsford recently will know there are a lot of food places and such a wide choice but we settled on Songs Buffet. We were going to go to Wagamamas but Songs Buffet caught our eye and it offers a lot more variety and choice.

On entry you pay for your food instead of at the end as it makes it a lot more time effective and quicker for the staff. There is a paid bar inside where you can get your own drinks when required and we opted for the bottomless soft drinks so it worked out under £20 per person.

Regarding price it does depends on the time of the day as it can vary from £7.99 earlier in the day to around £15 – £17 in the evening. The evening buffet has a set price for Monday to Thursday and a slightly higher price for the weekend. This is quite common amongst this style of restaurant.

The amount of food available surprised both of us and the quality too as we expected the food to be quite standard quickly processed not that much flavour but we both admitted we were wrong. The food quality was a lot higher than expected and the flavours in the food were brilliant.

With buffet style restaurants I often find you end up waiting a long time for the food to be topped up but it was done quickly and it was never longer than a couple of minutes. They also have an onsite chef to cook various items for you such as the scallops or the steaks to your liking. I can 100% say I have never been to a restaurant where you can have Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Kebab and Sushi all in one place and then go back for dessert for under £20.

Between the two of us we had tried everything and we both said it tasted really good. One warning though the Wasabi is seriously hot so it’s not wise to eat a lump of it like Owen did.

We didn’t overdo it which makes a change as I tend to eat until I feel sick but we left feeling full and satisfied and that was with dessert too.

On their website they have offers such as Ladies Night with a free bottle of wine for 4 or more ladies on a Monday Night or in the restaurant I saw a poster for Kids eat for £1 on a Friday night with a paying adult.

The price is already really good for the amount of food and choice but with the offers too it makes it a great place to eat out.

I judge a place by the amount of people in it and it was constantly busy during our time here. I can see why though as the food was lovely and the staff were also very polite. The price for the weekend is also brilliant considering how much food there is. I love the fact that they haven’t inflated their prices just because it’s the weekend.

If you are in the local area I would recommend trying Songs Buffet 100%!

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