Switch 16 Board Game [AD]

Switch 16 has been gifted to us to play with our two 10 year olds (M&F), 14 (M), 18 (M) and us two parents. This a game from the company Play Monster who we have recently reviewed a few games from, check out their website for lots of cool games.

We have been gifted a selection of games for us to trial and review with the children as we really wanted to include board games in our evenings and also create a new tradition on Christmas Eve.

Switch 16 has been gifted to us to play with our two 10 year olds (M&F), 14 (M), 18 (M) and us two parents. This a game from the company Play Monster who we have recently reviewed a few games from, check out their website for lots of cool games.

Switch 16 Board Game

What is Switch 16 & What Is Included?

Switch 16 is a fast-paced game that combines the luck of the dice as well as the luck of the cards. To win the game of Switch 16 you need to be the first player to remove all 16 cards from your deck.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds as every roll of the die will have an impact on the outcome of the game. When the special die shows “switch” you’ll be changing hands with your opponents.

The game Switch 16 should come with the following:

  • Switch 16 Should Come With Game Tray
  • Four Sets Of Cards Numbered 1 Through 16 In 4 Different Colors
  • Five Numbered Dice
  • One “Switch” Game Die
  • One Block Disk And The Switch 16 Game Rules And Instructions

These doesn’t include components from any expansion packs or different editions

Switch 16 Board Game

How to Play Switch 16?

Each player puts a deck of 16 cards in the allotted space on the perimeter of the dice tray, with card one at the top and card 16 at the bottom. As well as a number, each card has a picture of some dice, and this indicates the number of dice you are allowed to roll, along with a special “switch” dice that has special instructions on it instead of numbers. For example, card one has a picture of three dice, meaning you roll three dice plus the “switch” dice.

If any single die matches the number on the card, or you can combine two or more dice to equal the number on the card, then you are allowed to remove that card from the top of your deck and discard it. If you are then able to use the same results to remove the next card you may also do that, and you can continue through your deck until you reach a number you are unable to match.

It makes sense as it goes on I promise….

Once you can’t make any more combinations, you can pass, or you can take a risk. If you take the risk, you roll again; but if you can’t match the card at the top of your deck after doing so, then cards get returned to your deck.

A) If your top card is between 2 and 8 then the player must return all cards to the deck and start again from number 1

B) If the players top card is between 9 and 16, the player must return cards to the deck back to number 8.

As players progress through the deck, they increase the numbers of dice they throw based on the number of dice shown on the card at the top. From card 7 onwards players may behin throwing 4 dice and 5 dice from card 12.

If a player is throwing 4 dice and they fail to roll the number shown on the top card they must return all their cards back to card 1 and on their next turn they will need to start with three numbered dice as shown on the top card.

Play continues round in this fashion until someone has discarded all of their cards.

If you roll a green “switch” then you can swap decks with any other player. If you roll a red “switch” then you MUST swap with the person who has the most cards left to discard. Finally, if you roll “block” then you take a special “block” poker chip. This chip can be placed on any player’s stack and will stop that player from discarding any more cards until he or she rolls a “block” and therefore takes control of the “block” chip. Alternatively, the “block” chip can be used to stop another player switching decks with you.

If you have lost your instructions then you can print them off / download them from this link.

Switch 16 Board Game

Our Thoughts on Switch 16?

First off the game doesn’t have the usual game board as in a cardboard piece or a huge plastic piece that has to be built and has fiddly parts left right and centre, it is just has a plastic tray with four indents. I really like the idea that it has a place for holding the decks of cards for each player, and a central well with a foam lined base which the dice are rolled into. It is really basic but well suited for the game and could be used for other games of similar styles too.

When you first start it seems easy as it is just matching dice rolls to cards and that isn’t too bad. I would say it is aged 8+ but might work for younger siblings if you work together as a team as it is a pretty good way to help with adding, counting and making the dice and the drawings ‘match’.

It is a game of luck essentially as the ‘switch’ die takes it from a basic card matching game to a game of frustration and potential arguments. I’m pretty sure this game nearly caused a divorce as I cannot explain how frustrating it was to be on my last card, only to watch as my husband (my opponent) who hadn’t discarded a single card yet, roll a “switch” result, and he switched with me. It is a pure game of luck and good decisions, it can change the whole game in one dice roll and lucky for Nick that happened to him.

If I had to sum this game up in a single sentance then it would be:

You roll the dice, and hope you get rid of your cards quickly or you get lucky and swap with the current leader.

Don’t get me wrong it was incredibly frustrating but I loved that it was simple enough for everyone to join in and yet frustrating enough to nearly make usd flip the board many times. If you want a game that will include everyone then this is it but be aware it might cause arguments (it will just like monopoly).

Where can you buy Switch 16?

It is available from Play Monster, Argos, Amazon** and other retailers.

DISCLAIMER: If marked with a ** then it is an affiliate link – if you purchase from this link I may receive a few pennies from the retailer. It doesn’t increase the price you are paying.

DISCLAIMER: This item has been gifted to us but our opinions do not reflect on the products company, or the thoughts of any social media companies we have shared this review on.

We give our 100% honest opinions on the products we test and we have declared it is an AD and gifted as required by the ASA guidelines

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