Shmoji Shoe Accessories [AD]

Shmojis are an awesome way to show your favourite emojis / your emotions on your favourite pair of kicks (to be honest any shoes with laces!) Each blind bag contains four unique characters inside, which can be threaded on to the shoelaces. Back when I was a kid there was similar things for your bike spokes and pencil toppers but nothing like this for laces so I think these are cool and so do the kids.

Among Us Toy Review [AD]

Ethan LOVES the game Among Us, and he was sooo excited when he was GIFTED a few goodies. He was lucky enough to receive 2 blind bags of Crewmate Figures and one for a Keyring, as well as some awesome Stampers and a Grey Plushie. He is the envy of his school friends right now with the keyring on his backpack!