SpyX Micro Gear Review [AD]

Ethan had this at the top of his Christmas List and he freaked out when he saw he was gifted the SpyX Micro Gear Set. This set is designed is for ages 6+ and it features 4 ‘Spy Tools’ to help the young James Bond with their adventures. It does also include a carry belt and clips to store all your gadgets, which I will admit is quite cool, it can be adjusted to fit smaller or larger children and the clips can be attached and removed easily.

DoodleJamz [AD]

DoodleJamz are the brand-new mess-free sensory drawing pads which have hit the shops and are a big hit with kids of all ages. We have been gifted a DoodleJamz Jellyboard & a Jellypic board for us to try out and review.

ZimpliKids Review [AD]

Zimpli Kids have gifted us their latest on trend products “Gelli Baff” and the sister products “Slime Baff” and “Snoballs” so we can can give you an honest opinion about it just in time for the last minute Christmas presents. We have not been paid for this review and it is purely a gifted product which in turn we have offered to review in exchange.