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The Book Of Mormon

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I went to see The Book of Mormon in London (2019), honestly I wasn’t too keen on the whole premises of the show and the storyline but I was told that I had to see it. I have to admit that I was wrong! I have never laughed out loud so much at a show. It’s not suitable for everyone as there is a lot of swearing and it makes light of various Mormon beliefs and practices, but ultimately it endorses the positive power of love and service. 

My favourite song from the show was the first song as it’s just so catchy. I did love some of the others but it’s not quite suitable for sharing. Definitely YouTube the soundtrack if interested but it’s not suitable for under 18, also gives you a taste of what the show is like, if you want to know before you go.

The book of mormon cast 2019

We had been trying to get tickets for a while but like all popular shows it was either sold out or expensive. We managed to get some tickets for around £40 each and we were in the stalls which was fabulous! I love sitting in the stalls as honestly, I feel so posh as they are usually the expensive tickets! If you have been thinking about going and it is on tour near you or it is still on in London, then I would say go and see it. They do a raffle for tickets once a day (I think), but I don’t know the criteria for it.

I don’t want to give anything away but I 100% recommended you go and see this show before it leaves London!!

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