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Siobhan sent us a copy (gifted) of her new book ‘This mum Malarkey” which is honestly one of the best books I have read since becoming a mum nearly 10 years ago

Siobhan sent us a copy (gifted) of her new book ” This Mum Malarkey ” which is honestly one of the best books I have read since becoming a mum nearly 10 years ago. If you want an honest, yet funny book about pregnancy, parenting, life with kids, then this book is for you.

me reading this mum malarkey

Most parenting books or you are now a mum this is your handbook type books sugar coat life with kids and to be honest so does most of Instagram. This book is the real nitty gritty, no sugar coating and it is a breath of fresh air to know it isn’t just me who has experienced parenting like this. I really enjoyed reading this and often found myself actually laughing out loud which is unusual for me. Nick really enjoyed me reading him snippets too and related to some but not all of them.

If you didn’t know already then Siobhan runs a brilliant blog which you can find here and it is definitely worth a read over as some really good posts there. You can purchase her book through Amazon and I would 100% recommend you check it out or buy it as a gift for a new / expecting mum! Make her day and get everyone a copy for christmas you won’t regret it and they will love it.

I’m the mother of a gorgeous 4 year old daughter and live with my husband in Northamptonshire.

Parenting for me can be something of a beautiful nightmare – I wouldn’t change being a mum for the world, but do spend rather a lot of time swearing quietly into the fridge and counting down to wine o’clock…

It was such a relief in those early days of sleep deprivation, poomageddon nappies and constant wailing (at least 80% me) to read blog posts from other mothers and realise that not everyone was frolicking about blissfully in parks living the #blessed lifestyle, and I wasn’t the only one adhering to the ‘trial and error / panic-induced midnight Googling’ approach to bringing up baby.

So, if you’re looking for useful advice or definitive answers, I’d probably try Google again. But, if it’s soft play horror stories and random CBeebies musings you’re after (how is Postman Pat still employed?! He has literally never delivered a letter on time…) then please have a read/share!

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Siobhan Butel

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