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Top 3 Lightning Charging Cables (Non Branded)

If you are anything like me, you will find yourself buying 100s of non branded charger cables. Usually because they break or stop working. You don’t want to pay high prices but you are fed up of the cheap cables that last less than 6 months.

I’ve been trying a few different brands and these are my favourites:

Top 3 Lightning Charging Cables

It includes an 18 MONTHS WARRANTY and is 10ft /3m which is insanely long but brilliant!! When I purchased it, I used the offer of 3 for 2 and it came to around £6 with free postage. I’ve been using it for 3 months so far and no issues. The warranty gives me extra faith in the product too.

2 Pack of 3ft Charging Cables and 2 USB Wall Plug Compatible with IPhone Products.

First thing that attracted me to this is the set of wall plugs as well as cables for £9.99. It states that the product can be bent up to 5000 times without damage and I’ve found that after six months there has been no damage. It’s been my work charger cable so gets a bit more daily abuse in my handbag everyday.

Top 3 Lightning Charging Cables

3m x3 Pack Charger Cable for Apple IPhone Products.

The length of these means that we aren’t fighting for the space on the sofa next to the charging point so that’s brilliant and also they are tough and durable when in a 7 year olds hands! The colour isn’t too bad in the eyes either so I don’t mind having another cable hanging around the house! These seem to be one of the best ones so far but the price is slightly higher at £14.99 but I don’t think that’s bad for 3 good cables and it includes free delivery.

Top 3 Lightning Charging Cables

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