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Winnie The Pooh DIY Party Supplies

Ezra turns ONE in August (HOW!?!), and we are throwing a little tea party with family, and I have decided to make it Winnie the Pooh themed because it’s cute. I am obviously doing DIY projects for it, and I wanted to share my current makes with you.

First DIY

winnie the pooh diy

First of all, I have made decorative terracotta pots with yellow paint on them to look like dripping honey and have written HUNNY on them. I will use these to store the cutlery and napkins in as well as just using them to look cute on the tables. They still need some work but they are coming together and I have so happy with them. I’m debating mod podging it or pva coating it so the paint doesn’t chip and we can use them for longer after the party.

I got my terracotta pots in Homebase as I couldn’t source them anywhere but usually you can get them in Home Bargains or Wilko for cheaper. Don’t spend more than £2 on a large one as honestly some places charge stupid amounts.

Second DIY

For my second DIY I ordered some mini terracotta pots from Amazon and have filled them with fake grass/moss and made little signposts for them with lollipop sticks. These will be used for the table labelling certain foods/snacks/ veggie items. I thought these looked super cute and easy to make. I am going to paint them up with honey drips too as it will look super cute.

Third DIY

winnie the pooh diy

I have made hanging “balloons” out of red and yellow paper lanterns and then attached laminated coloured in characters to them, so they look like they are flying. It is a really simple DIY, but this is going to look awesome hanging across the garden. If you have young children, then they could colour them in to get them involved too. I got the colouring sheets from this website.

Last DIY

I have used yellow cutlery and red napkins to represent Pooh and even though the yellow cutlery was hard to come by it was worth it as it looks grab together. I have tied it together with a small amount of black string to just make sure they don’t fall out when in the pot. I have a yellow tablecloth too as I couldn’t decide between yellow, red, or white and I think it will look awesome against the red napkins. I got the napkins, cutlery, and tablecloth from eBay (my go too!).

I have loved getting these ideas together for his birthday party and I can’t wait for it to all come together. I can’t believe Ezra is going to be one time has just flown by and he is getting so big and grown up!

If I make any other DIY pieces for the party then I will write another blog post.

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