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World Book Day 2020

Every year as a child I loved World Book Day and used to always seem to pick the most random ones from what I can remember. One year I chose to be Dustbin Baby By Jacqueline Wilson and I remember nobody knowing who I was. I loved the Jacqueline Wilson books and would probably read them again now If I still had them as they are great books. Whilst looking for an image of the book I have since found out its become a film and its on Amazon for 3.99!!

Ethan has taken to World Book Day like a pro, he has been Captain America, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Superman, Batman and that’s just to name a few. He loves dressing up so World Book Day is brilliant for him as no one wonders why he’s randomly in a costume.

I think it’s brilliant that it is still a tradition as it opens up the world of books to children and some of them might not to have that luxury at home. I understand not all children want to dress up and that’s fine but it opens the up the discussion around their favorite books and different types of books.

I saw various costumes at Ethan’s school ranging from Harry Potter related ones to Army Men to Princesses to Lego Characters plus many more. The teachers joined in too which I thought was brilliant and it sets a good example too.

I saw many people say that Frozen isn’t a book as well as other costumes so why are the children dressed up as it? I understand why they say this but to children they want to dress up as whatever they have chosen. To be honest there is probably a book or a comic about Frozen or Lego or whatever they have chosen so technically they have a book maybe just one that came after the film.

I would love to know your thoughts on World Book Day in general and the costumes that aren’t traditional stories.


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