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YoYo Ball [AD]

If you are a 90’s kid then you will know what love there was for YoYo’s back in the day and this BRAND NEW YoYo Ball will bring back your love for the old school. I used to love my YoYo but I HATED it when I had to rewind it as it reached the end and fell off but this is no longer an issue.

yoyo ball

The YoYo Ball allows you to create endless tricks and the best part is that it automatically returns to you and never needs rewinding! It makes tricks look super-slick and easy and you can do all the normal tricks such as the Loop- the-Loop & Around -the-World with no worrying about the string. I have to say I am not sure if I still have the skills or ever had them but believe me I will be trying it out.

If you fancy learning some tricks yourself then check out this YouTube Video which shows you tricks from a “professional” and if that video isn’t your cup of tea then there is lots of others available here.

If you want to see Me or Ethan try and learn a certain trick then let us know which one and we will try and learn it over on my YouTube channel. I can’t guarantee that it will work but we will try!

They come 6 brilliant colours and designs and my favourite is the black and white checkerboard design. Honestly the kids love the fact they each have a different one so it doesn’t cause any arguments over who has which one. I also love how the kids don’t have to ask me to rewind it every time they try a trick and unravel it.

You can purchase these from Smyths Toy Store Online or in the store.

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