Just Another Mum Blogger Am I Right?

I wanted this blog to be honest, open and not sugar coated, this is why I started this blog. All the way back in 2013 on NYE’s eve when I was lonely and wanted an escape, I started to write & here we are. Many versions later and DittrichDiary was born and here we are. So let’s find out a little about me and my life.

Who Am I?

My name is Megan (No not that Meghan), I’m a Mumma to two boys. My eldest is called Ethan who is my slightly crazy, and my youngest is Ezra. Alongside my two boys I am an angel mum to my little bubba’s who didn’t see earth side.

I couldn’t do what I do and get through my week without my other half Nick. He has 3 wonderful children and is now my husband. I love being a bigger family but it does come with it’s challenges.

What Do I Like?

I have an obsession with Harry Potter and the colour mustard, and some would may say I’m a little addicted, but I like to say I just appreciate a good thing.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a fan of JK Rowling – She is not welcome here and nobody knows who wrote Harry Potter it is a mystery. She is not to be mentioned here or anywhere on my site.

I am guilty of wearing a mum bun 24-7 and not dying my hair enough and to be honest I am probably addicted to napping rather than sleeping at night but isn’t that every mum? I have a bad habit of swearing and eating way too much McDonalds. I am known to have a habit of being a bit spontaneous too.

Where Am I From & What Are My Hobbies?

I live in the South East, Hertfordshire to be precise. Some would say countryside but the way they are building I am not so sure anymore. I live 45 minutes outside of London by train so I love a day trip to the city. Most of the time you will find me at home snuggled under blankets and watching Netflix. At the weekends you will find us on the sidelines of my stepsons football matches.

I used to love being part of my local acting group when I was growing up but now you will now find me on YouTube trying various foods and making a fool out of myself when baking cakes.

The Boring Bit About Me

I have worked many retail jobs over the years and this includes at stansted airport doing hospitality. I have worked in the crazy world of travel money and I recently left my supermarket job that kept me sane during the really weird times of 2020-2021. I left my job as it wasn’t suitable around the children but also I wanted to spend more time at home with my boys and less weekends at work.

I try lots of different products with my family and review them on here and on YouTube and this is currently my day to day job until Ezra is older and at school. We hope to expand the family by one more in the next year but we have to hope that this written in the stars for us.

Contact Me

If you want to get in touch, be it to share your feelings about the blog, suggest a topic or product to look at on the blog or offer me a lifetime supply of fizzy drinks or chocolate then please send me a message! It’s lovely to hear from readers and companies.

**Please note: Any products that are reviewed on the blog are personally tested by me and usually the children too. Samples are usually not returned and if they have been it will be stated. Should you wish to send any samples please contact me via email.**

There is our family Amazon Wish List if you fancy sending us a little surprise but we don’t ever expect it.


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