Poo-Pourri Away All Your Problems [AD]

I have to admit out of all the reviews I have done this one of the slightly strange ones but today I am reviewing Poo-Pourri which is a spray to mask the smell of your numbers 2 when you don’t want anyone to know. They have gifted me their range of sprays and one of their newer products which is for shoes – to banish foot odour. We are a big fan of their products as they are good for making the bathroom smell lush when everyone makes it smell yuck.

Anti-Bacterial Slime By Canal Toys [AD]

Ethan has been gifted two packs of Anti-bacterial Slime by Canal Toys and it is probably the most excited he has ever been about a gifted product. This product is new to the market and can be purchased in many toy stores including Amazon or Smyths. It is currently selling in Smyths for ¬£3.99 a tub which I don’t personally think is bad considering the price of many other slime related products.