4 Fiction Books For Year 5 & 6 [AD]

I have been sent 3 different authors of children’s books for Ethan and Ava and since they loved them i thought I would share them with you too. The books are by smaller authors but I will link where you can get them, who they are suitable for and a basic blurb about them. My age recommendations in the title are only a suggestion based on my children / step-children reading them and the topics the books cover.


Luluh Lane Gift Review

We have been gifted the most gorgeous candle and a little set of matches for our Christmas Gift Guide 2023 but I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Lulah Lane have the most lush jewellery as well as candles and I honestly want it all but that isn’t even the best bit for me – the best bit is that they are a small homegrown british business and I LOVE to back small businesses and get them known by more people.

Days Out

My Top Show Tips For Butlin’s Skegness

During our break to Butlins Skegness, one of the things Ethan and I really enjoyed was the evening shows. Nick has told us how they were awesome but he didn’t manage to make it to them this time. Butlins has shows on both during the day and in the evening [season depending] and in order for you to get the best experience, I wanted to share some things I learnt with you.