HiSmile – v34 Colour Corrector Serum Review

If you spend much time on Instagram or Tiktok, there’s a high chance you will have seen certain celebrities promoting the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Toothpaste called “V34 Colour Corrector Serum”. The Jenners is are by far the most famous of the endorsers, but I don’t believe it. When a celeb endorses a product, you know that everyone will go and buy it, Prime is a brilliant example of this.


6 Tips To Making Moving Easier [AD]

Moving house is a HUGE change for everyone especially people who haven’t experienced it before, whether it’s in their professional life, personal life, or restarting from scratch. Moving house is on a lot of people’s minds especially since the pandemic, as lots of people want fresh starts and the idea of packing and moving to a new location can be stressful and chaotic.