Scar Cream – Science Of Skin [AD]

I have been GIFTED Rescue No One to apply to my 2x C-Section scar to reduce the redness and the appearance of the scar. It is a scientifically proven cream that contains a naturally active green tea extract which is formulated to help combat the redness and scarring. It is often used for scarring that is from acne, spots and blemishes but they have told me it should work well on my scar too.


Boo Baby Scan Bishop’s Stortford Review

I have been visiting Boo Baby Scan in Bishop’s Stortford during this pregnancy for private scans in between my NHS ones, I used them at 7 weeks and at 16 weeks for my gender reveal scan. I love the company and they are only small so I thought I would let you guys know about them in case you are local to the area.